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101 free obscene system

Alternative OSs
VNET reviews five non-Windows operating systems. None of them can hold a candle to Windows -- we'll tell you why. (Special thanks to Microsoft for their assistance in preparing this report.)

Laptops you can't live without
Trust VNET's independent, unbiased reviews of the latest batch of Pentium II laptops in COMPUTERZ.COM. (Special thanks to Intel for their generous donations of Pentium II laptops and free use of their testing facilities on Maui.)

Why Netscape ought to crawl into a hole and die
Netscape was the big loser in the most recent browser shoot-out on TROUSERS.COM. Here's the full, unexpurgated story of how Internet Explorer trounced the competition fair 'n' square. (Special thanks to Microsoft for the yacht! That was so sweet of you guys.)

Anchor links away!
All aboard the "S.S. Minor", VNET's brand new 500-ft. luxury yacht with elegantly appointed suites, 3 hottubs, 2 racquetball courts, a well-stocked wine cellar and cigar humidor, and award-winning chefs from One Market, Boulevard, and the Lark Creek Inn.

Cast your vote now!
Is Steve Jobs a raging bully who parks his oversized Mercedes in handicapped spaces (as Gil Amelio claims in his just-published book)? Or is Amelio just a sore loser? Vote in this special VNET poll.

Send bulk faxes on the Internet
This just in: SpamFax makes bulk faxing over the Internet as easy as sending bulk email. Get your important message out to millions of potential customers! Written by guest columnist Sanford Wallace of Cyberpromo.

Why D-I-Y?
Experts share 17 tips on how to "borrow" someone else's code. In PILFER.COM.

Design like the pros
VNET designers share 28 helpful tips on "borrowing" graphics from other people's sites. In PILFER.COM.

12 wrist braces reviewed
Wrists aching and throbbing? Fingers feel like they're ready to fall off? VNET feels your pain, and recommends the best out of a dozen popular wrist braces in this extra-special 20,000 word review. (Watch for parts 2 and 3, on topical anesthetics and tendon reconstruction surgery, later this week.)

The best game downloads ever
LAMECENTER.COM delivers the ten most significant gaming downloads of all time, including "Barney's Special Secret Game: Don't Tell Your Parents!", Julia Child's "Chef's Revenge pt. III: Salmonella Souffle", and "VRML Tic Tac Toe".

The best Beginner's HTML books ever
VNET reviews the best HTML how-to guides for beginners, including "HTML for Dummies", "The Complete Idiot's Guide to HTML", "HTML for Comatose Trauma Victims", "HTML for Illiterate Technophobes Holed Up in the Wilderness", "HTML for People who Scored Lower than 1000 on their SATs", "Webpage Design for Infants", and "The New Media Marketer's Guide to HTML (in Plain English without all that Technical Gobbledygook)".

...and the best Advanced HTML books, too
VNET reviews the best HTML how-to guides for people who wouldn't be caught dead reading a book for beginners, including "HTML for People Who're Much Too Busy and Important to Learn HTML", "The Engineer's Guide to Technologies You've Never Even Heard Of", "Architecting New Realities: Hypertextual Representations of the Self and the Constructs of Gender in Networked Virtual Spaces", and "How to Explain the Web to Your Parents".

  Warez central:
  Top PC downloads 
   ICQ (32-bit)
   ICQRNE1 (32-bit)
   Please Talk to Me! Anybody!
   Bulk Emailer Plus
   Bulk Emailer Pro
   Turbo Bulk Emailer
   Turbo Bulk Emailer -- Platinum Edition
   HTML Thingymajig (wysiwyg HTML editor)
   HTML Whoosits (automatic HTML editor)
   HTML Whatchamacallit (hands-off, totally autonomous HTML editor)
   David Siegel's "Be a Star!" Killer HTML Makeover Kit
   3D Extruded Rainbow-colored Metallic Animated Blinking Type Shop (beginner's version)
   Pamela Anderson Video FX Plug-ins
   "I am Gates of Borg" Screensaver
   South Park "Chef and Kathy Lee outtakes" Screensaver
   Jerry Springer "Best Guest Fights" Screensaver
  Top Mac downloads 
   PC Exchange
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Corrections made in the last two weeks will appear on this page and will be reflected in the article as well. Maybe.

 Top tech news
Sun faces Java strategy challenges
"Crazy Scott" McNeely claims "We're practically giving Java away! At these prices it won't last! Have we gone nuts?"
Larry Ellison announces plan to steal media spotlight away from Bill Gates
Bill Gates buys DOJ for undisclosed sum

 Geekware top 5
1. DJ Shadow bootleg
2. Late season boarding at Tahoe
3. Nagging Email from Mom
4. Company pays for Prozac refills
5. Being quoted in New York Times "Circuits"

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You know what I really hate?
Another bitter invective from one of our cranky columnists.

Online Advertising
Have you consumed your daily quota? No? Why not?

Wouldn't you rather be shopping right now?

Kids and Porn
How to block your kids from your favorite sites.

Porn and Your Wallet
Special deals and discounts from your favorite sites.

Porn and The Government
Why those yahoos in Washington want to trample your God-given rights to view consensual adult acts in the privacy of your own home (or cubicle, or your coworker's cubicle, or your boss's machine while she's at lunch).

Porn and Everything Else
Is there too much sex online? VNET probes this burning question, thrusting deeper for answers until we're fully satisfied.

Web.Pilferer SF: sign up now!
Nathan "Nasty" Shedroff and Chris "Tasty" Tacy give hot, live, developer-on-developer action like you've never seen it before at VNET's sizzling web developer conference

Mark Pesce
Whatever happened to this guy? You used to hear about him all the time. What's he up to, anyway?

Link Overload
Do too many hyperlinks overwhelm users? A special VNET report.

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