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~MINT CONDITION~ Nathan Shedroff Beanie Baby!!
WoW! Hotwired 1.0 Commemorative Lunchbox!
E-commerce website blowout!!!!
HTML 4.0 Standards (Microsoft version)
Portal kit -drastically reduced- (please read!!)
L@@K!!! Hot net company IPO!!!!!
Kraft "Content Helper" - AS SEEN ON TV -
Complete set Information Architect + Usability Beanies (Nervy Nathan, Rancorous RSW, Jumpy Jakob, Ditzy Don, Jabbering Jared, Vituperative Veen)
"Server Push" and 100's of other outdated techniques on ONE AMAZING CD-ROM!!!!
Low-quality 'Under Construction' gifs only $1.99
Unclaimed "Cool Shopping Site of the Year" Award... hey, wait a minute!
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Vintage corporate website (built for Mozilla 1.1 includes lots of old tricks like animated title bar, auto-reloading bgcolor, and more!!) at $850,000
Client with money! Best offer!!!
Previously owned IT Company -- runs great, body needs work at $3.6 Billion (cash only)
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